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Ceci n'est pas une image d'un pipe

The pipe is inspired by the famous painting of René Magritte [1] : "Ceci n'est pas une pipe".



The pipe is described by three cubic Bezier functions, and the drawing is made using Frenet Frames [2] .

The main pipeshape is described with an axis in YZ-plane, and the ovals describing the thickness along the main outline is described with two Beziers, one for X and one for Y.


v3d is a simple utility class for handling vectors, crossproduct, matrixmultiplication etc.

The bezierfunctions are handled with a simple class:


The points and the normals on the pipebody is calculated as Frenet Frames. The method that generates the pipeshape is:


We use the buffered data to draw the shape

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  • The project: https://svn.hiof.no/svn/psource/JOGL/pipe
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