Børre Stenseth
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Drawing a simple walking-talking Android

The task is to draw a simple figure built from cylinders, spheres and disks. We will make the man walk and talk. The structure of the program is allmost identical to the structure in the module Horse

We plan the Android man like this:

  • The main body is a cylinder with a disk at each end
  • Both arms and both legs are cylinders with a sphere at each end
  • The head is a half sphere. This is solved with a clipping-plane, see code below
  • The eyes are partly hidden spheres
  • The "pins" are partly hidden cylinders

The complete class for the Android, oneMan:

It should be rather straight-forward to implement variations of the android man or to implement a group of them, marching or playing.

  • The program project:

B.Stenseth, june 2011

(Welcome) JOGL>Android Man (Stan)