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Here is a list of projects where I have been project leader (PL) or among the main contributors.

Projects at Østfold University College
2006 - 2007 MoBruk: Mobilt Brukersamarbeid: Using location aware mobile devices to support pedestrian navigation for users with disabilities, e.g., wheel chair users. Together with Kartverket og Norges Handikapforbund, funded by Norwegian Research Council, Østfold University College and Kartverket.
2001 - 2006 Project OneMap: Student orientated project focusing on geoweb issues. Generated much fun, some good software and lots of publications.
Projects at SI/SINTEF, Oslo
1997 The NORSKOG-INDONESIA project (Sustainable management of rain forests).
1997 Initial work and project proposal, Metaphor (Next generation weather forecast systems).
1997 The BLOM/SINTEF Indonesia project (Mapping company).
1996 Initial work, FLEXIM, including initiation of project (GIS vendor).
1996 DYNAMAP: Preproject: DynaMap (Proposal, "New Initiatives in GIT'', Norwegian Research Council).
1996 MULTIBED: Project leader of SINTEF Internal Project MULTIBED (Multiscale GIS models).
1994 - 1997 ECOPLAN: Project leader of ECOPLAN (Spatio-temporal decision support in forest management).
1994 - 1997 Project leader of "Tools and Methods for Geographical Information Systems" (Norwegian Research Council, partners: SINTEF, CMR, NR).
1994 - 1995 GEOLOK: Initial work and Preproject "GEOLOK" (Data integration in municipalitites).
1994 - 1995 Project leader, MobilDisplay Project (GIS and Fleet Management).
1994 - 1995 Member of the SINTEF "Transport and Logistics" working group.
1993 - 1994 Initial work towards Sysdeco Innovation (Geographic Information Systems, GIS).
1993 Initial work: Nasjonal Handlingsplan for GIT (Norwegian Research Council).
1993 SAGIS: Project leader. Geodata in oil and gas exploration, Saga Petroleum.

"Tools and Methods for Geographical Information Systems", GEOLOK, ECOPLAN and DYNAMAP were large scale projects, i.e. at least 5 man years and of more than 3 years duration.