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aliasing . Appearance of jagged curves, due to selection of pixels (points) that fits the curve i a strict geometrical way.
antialiasing . Removing aliasing (jagged appearance) by means of offset resampling or smoothing in other ways.
APIApplication Program Interface. A set of routines, protocols and tools offered by a development toolkit for program development.
BCLBasic Class Libraries. Basic class structure in .Net which constitutes an alternative to the traditional Windows API and the traditional MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes).
GLUTThe OpenGL Utility Toolkit. Library that facilitates OpenGL in simple windows, independant of operating system.
Gouraud shading . Creating shading on a surface based on interpolation of colors in the surface corners.
JOGLJava OpenGl binding. A java library the interface the OpenGL library.
KISSKeep It Simple Stupid. Highly underestimated principle for explaining complicated ands less complicated systems og any kind.
MFCMicrosoft Foundation Classes. Class structute that makes Windos API accessible for object-oriented languages, like C++. Replaced by BCL (Basic Class Libraries) in .Net.
MIP MapMIP (multum in parvo, Latin for many things in a small place). A storage technique for storing multiple levels of detail for an image, for instance used as atexture.
NURBNon Uniform Rational B-splines.. A thecnique for describing curves and surfaces in Computer Graphics.
OpenGLOpen Graphics Library. Library for 3D graphics. originally from Silicon Graphics.
SVGScalable Vector Graphics. A XML-based language for describing vector graphics in 2D.
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