Computer Graphics is a mandatory course in the master program in applied informatics at Østfold University College.

A formal course description can be found at the college website.

The course is a cooperation between the Department for Information Technology at Østfold University College and the Institute for Energy Technology in Halden.


I have finally been able to put the student projects for the first assignment online. Check out the assignment page for details. Sorry for the delay.

The second assignment is due 6.12, not 29.12.

I managed to mix up the dates for the presentations. The first session will be held at 9:15 Wednesday 25.09 and the second at 11:15 Thursday 3.10. Sorry for the mixup.

I have posted a simple example of how to render a Bezier patch using OpenGL. The sample can be found on the lecture page.

I have posted the time and location of the presentations starting next week. I have also posted a preliminary plan for the presentations. Check out the assignments page for details.

I have decided to try to combine the two remaining lectures into one to avoid overlap with the second part of the course at IFE starting next week. See the updated lecture plan for more information.

I have posted a new example called MovingLight which show how to create a scene lit solely by a single moving light source. The light can be moved around the rendered geometry using the arrow keys.

I am sick. Therefor there will be no lecture today (9.9.13). We will have to make it up later, so I will get back to you regarding the time and place.

The webpage for the second part of the course is ready. The link has been posted on the resource page, alternatively you can click here

Thanks to Astemir Eleev, I have posted a couple of new OpenGL resources. These can be helpful for everybody, so check them out.

Thanks to Anders Skaalsveen, I have posted a link to an inspirational example of how to play around with the code examples. Check out the resource page for the link.

Thanks to Magnus Myklatun, I have posted links to two inspirational videos on the resource page. Feel free to keep em coming ;)

Welcome to the the course web page for Computer Graphics (ITI43309) the fall of 2013. The lectures in the first part of the courses will be held on mondays from 12:15 to 16:00 in room D1-057.