Assignment 1

This first assignment must be completed in the first part of the course and within the specified deadline in order to qualify for the second part of the course. The project must be presented in a plenum session, but it will not be subject to evaluation.

It is an individual assignment, but collaborations between the different students are encouraged.

The assignment is to create a robot-like figure, modelled after an organic creature, performing a trivial task. The implementation should be done using Java and JOGL. Some examples could be:

Børre Stenseth (previous lecturer) has created this example for inspiration.

We will hold at least two plenum sessions in which you will present your projects. The time and location for the sessions are 25.09 and 03.10 at 09:15 and 11:15 respectively in D1-057. Send me an email if you have any requests as to what date you would like to do your presentation, if not I will just organize it alphabetically.

The presentation plan has been decided. It is available here.

The student project can be downloaded from here

Assignment 2

The second assignment must be completed in the second part of the course, and it will, unlike the first assignment be subject to evaluation. Check out the IFE course page for details.

The assignment is due 6.12