Computer Graphics is a mandatory course in the master program in applied informatics at Østfold University College.

A formal course description can be found at the college website.

The course is a cooperation between the Department for Information Technology at Østfold University College and the Institute for Energy Technology in Halden.


On recommendation from the students, I have posted some of the projects created for the first assignment. I recommend that all students who haven't already sent me their project to send it to me as soon as possible so that I can post them online.

I hava added the presentation plan for the first assignment.

I have added a link to course webpage at IFE under Resources. Make sure you make it to their office between 10:00 and 10:15 on Monday to avoid being locked out.

I have added a sample to the lecture on parametric geometry, and I have updated the lecture plan with the date and location of the first lecture at IFE.

We are now halfway in the first part of the course, so I have posted some details about the first assignment.

I've added a tutorial for converting the runtime platform in existing Netbeans projects, and I've added a link to an online version of the OpenGL Programming Guide.

The JOGL API has changed somewhat between 1.X and 2.X, so I have create a second version of the first example which works with JOGL 2.X.

I've added a tutorial for setting up JOGL in NetBeans. It has been posted on the Resource page