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WXT is an engine built with Java 1.7. It requires no server installation, and may be from the command-line or with a GUI.

The structures built by WXT is available for styling with CSS. The relationship between structure and presentation is described in the documentation and a "standard" stylesheet is distributed with WXT.

Some WXT features is dependant on a few simple Javascripts. These Javascripts are also distributed with WXT. The Javascript is relying on jQuery [8] . The distributed script uses a modified version of a dragging-script from Quirksmode [9]

WXT produces material that can easily be converted to PDF. WXT does not have any built-in XML-to-PDF converter. It does however work very smooth with Prince XML [10] . For legal and financial reasons Prince is not distributed with WXT. You can easily run Prince from a WXT script, as an external command, and thus integrate pdf-production in the building (maintenance) process. You may also automate a transformation to XSL-FO and make pdf from this format with FOP [11] . Or you may have access to another pdf-tool.

WXT will in some situations perform an attempt to tidy input. This job is performed with Tidy [12] .

The idea of WXT is not to replace any of the well known web tools, like php, ruby or whatever. The idea is to add functionality that simplifies sharing, maintenance and extraction. Any content that can be housed on a well formed web page can be identified and moved by WXT.