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WXT requires that you build modules against a filesystem. You can of course fetch content material with a general absolute URI pointing to any document on the net. WXT does not at the moment have any tools for automatic or semiautomatic publication of material built on your local disc. You can however achieve this in a number of ways:

  • You may build on your local disc and copy all files or catalog(s) to your server.
    • by FTP.
    • by a simple file copy if you have mapped the servers filesystem on your local machine.
    • by an ant-script performing one of the two. The invoking of this ant-script may be done as a command in a WXT-script.
  • If you have mapped the servers filestructure you may build directly on the server.
  • If you use a versioning system, you may build locally, commit and update on the server. (or visa versa for that matter)