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Welcome to Pine Point

This webdocumentary is made by Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons, and it is produced by the National Film Board of Canada. The structure of the documentary is booklike with chapters and pages, and reflects the original intention by the authors of making a book. I think this is a good thing in this case. A booklike intentional order fits the story of the erased town of Pine Point conveyed with snaphots, amateur video, graphics and memorablia. This traditional structure enables the authors to control the pace and rythm of the story which in my opinion is important to the experience.

More on this when I find a comparable case which would benefit from a more traditional structure.

Use the documentary.


Life in a day

Life in a day, a well edited and poetic crowdsourced documentary film made by Kevin Macdonald. Nice perspective on small things adding up… I wondered whether some of the footage were shot by the production team. The quality of the material is very good in parts of the film. But except from 400 cameras being sendt to developing countries with instructions, it seems that the team hasn’t contributed directly. The editor, Joe Walker, started with 4500 hours of material and puh… he commented this work in the NYT: “The analogy is like being told to make Salisbury Cathedral, and then being introduced to a field full of rubble. You have to start looking for buttresses and things that connect together.”



Making a list!

After discussing transmedia-  and webdocumentaries with several people lately I see the need to develop a better understanding of this phenomenon by compiling, tagging and commenting a list of good examples. “Telling about the world we live in” is so far the only inclusion criteria I’ll use alongside the use of several media and/or the web. I am going to start by adding works and tagging them. More structure will be imposed later.

I am grateful if people tell me about good examples and other compilations.

The first work is David Lynch’s well known interview project. 121 people are interviewed on a 2009 road trip through the US. I have visisted the webpage several times and have quickly appreciated the utility of the project, but without taking time to watch whole interviews. Today i looked at it again and picked episode 14 – Lynn. She tells a story of abuse, violence and hopelessness but also care and responsibility. I hope people takes time to view these films and go beyond the hype of how they are distributed.