Trailing: The 6 Most Innovative Interactive Web Documentaries

Trailing Inge de Leeuw choice of six webdocumentaries. This weekend I used / watched Prison Valley, first an foremost a documentary film with some extra stuff on the side. The documentary is produced by David Dufresne and  Phillipe Brault. According to de Leeuw the project consists of “a TV documentary, a web documentary, a book, an iPhone app, and an exhibition in Paris”. So far I have used webpage and the iPhone app, and it would be interesting to watch the TV show as well. Overall the webdocumentary is to heavily narrated and sometimes the lack of access to the prisons themselves is to evident.

In the Clues section I found a page with some nice statistics!

For an interesting view on producing webdocumentaries with PrisonValley as example see this interview.



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