Making a list!

After discussing transmedia-  and webdocumentaries with several people lately I see the need to develop a better understanding of this phenomenon by compiling, tagging and commenting a list of good examples. “Telling about the world we live in” is so far the only inclusion criteria I’ll use alongside the use of several media and/or the web. I am going to start by adding works and tagging them. More structure will be imposed later.

I am grateful if people tell me about good examples and other compilations.

The first work is David Lynch’s well known interview project. 121 people are interviewed on a 2009 road trip through the US. I have visisted the webpage several times and have quickly appreciated the utility of the project, but without taking time to watch whole interviews. Today i looked at it again and picked episode 14 – Lynn. She tells a story of abuse, violence and hopelessness but also care and responsibility. I hope people takes time to view these films and go beyond the hype of how they are distributed.

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