Soul Patron

Soul Patron (2010) is made by Frederik Rieckher as part of his master in “Media Direction” at the “University of Applied Sciences” in Darmstadt, Germany. Among other things it tells about Mizuki Jizo – the protector of deceased children and uses a small animated doll, “Tokotoko” as main character. We are taken on a road trip in Japan and given information about, Japanese culture, history and society. I guess the film should be inspiring for people experimenting with new forms of travel litterature.

I think Rieckhers interface for navigating between the video segments is brilliant. It is easy to use and at the same time non-intrusive. You get squares in the video which marks navigational links in the picture. White squares means that you stay within the same scene, red squares mean that you continue to a new scene. The squares disappears after a short while, but their placement is easy to remember. Texts popping up when you hover over the link areas tells where you are heading or what you are going to see. The shortest path to the final scene is indicated in the link texts.

I am going to look for more examples of this navigational device which I find elegant and efficient.


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